Book 3 — The Widows of Rincon Hill


The red velvet petals were soft and downy like the cheek of a child . . .

Book 3 of The Latchkey Tales continues with a story of horticultural horror.

Nothing has been the same since the destruction of The Isis Heart.

The city has been assailed with strange weather patterns and persistent tremors.

On top of everything else —

Tina Bleeberman is still nowhere to be found.

Grandpa Theo is convinced that the spheres have become misaligned because Crowley 

is neglecting his newly vested Watchtower duties.

Then, a violent tremor disrupts Yuki’s 15th birthday celebration.

She wakes to find herself lost in San Francisco’s yesteryear — where she discovers

another notorious Victorian mansion, as well as some new old friends with some very wicked roses.

Truths and Roses have Thorns about them.

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Episodes 1 – 6 Now Playing!

Prologue — The Shadow of the Isis Heart_Chapter 01 — Audra Interrupted
Chapter 02 — An Overdue Event
Chapter 03 —Santorini & The Oyster Girl
Chapter 04 — The Widows’ House
Chapter 05 — The Watchtower’s Harrow
Chapter 06 — McDirtch & Sons of Butchertown
Chapter 07 — The Arrival of Mrs. Grimshaw
Chapter 08 — Whipforce & Golden
Chapter 09 — Visiting Day with Wilshire
Chapter 10 — The Artificer’s Requite
Chapter 11 — The Salon and the Sèance
Chapter 12 — Mourning Clothes
Chapter 13 — A Sour Tune to Sing You Home
Chapter 14 —  Bleeberman Calling

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