Book 1 — Yuki O’Malley & the Bellefaire


Welcome to the Bellefaire . . .
 Book One of The Latchkey Tales begins with a story of Victorian horror.
Yuki O’Malley is thirteen and has a penchant for drawing unwanted
attention from the spirit world.
Her lifelong travels with her mother, the Dr., have brought them back to
San Francisco, where she’s inherited one of the most notorious
houses in the city.
Notorious, as well as haunted . . .
While Yuki uncovers her dark family history, a tide of rumor and gossip
is rising in the neighborhood.
Whispers that the mysterious Bellefaire is back in business once again. 
Vita Eternus Sub Oroborus!

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Chapter 01 — Too Bad for Tina
Chapter 02 — The Way Home
Chapter 03 — The Epitomical Makeover
Chapter 04 — The Curse Castle
Chapter 05 — The Prisoners of Snob Hill
Chapter 06 — A Career in Tea
Chapter 07 — The Gilded Oubliette
Chapter 08 — The Bathing Chamber
Chapter 09 — A Secret Never to be Told
Chapter 10 — The Fleeting Furlough of Mrs. Flack
Chapter 11 — The North Wing
Chapter 12 —  Snakes & Ladders
Chapter 13 — Concerning House-ghost Restoration
Chapter 14 — A Discreet Debut
Chapter 15 — The Dr.’s O’Malley/ Epilogue — Not Too Bad After All
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