Book 2 — Crowley Golden & The Isis Heart

Hey Hotness — whatcha doin’? XOXO Wilshire”
 Book 2 of The Latchkey Tales  continues with a story of Egyptian Revival.
The sudden theft of a rare ruby known as the Isis Heart introduces an entirely new
threat for our friends in the city —
It’s been a year since our last visit and it’s summer vacation once again
but things are hardly breezy between Yuki and Crowley.
Perhaps a certain blonde named Wilshire Sutton has something to do with that —
Other unsavory characters are prowling the city streets:
another rotting branch on the DerVinter family tree
and a Death Cult from legend known as The Crux Ansata.
 The slipstream of the Isis Heart is fraught with peril —
Where your treasure is — there will your heart be also . . .

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Prologue — Bleeberman 2.0/ Chapter 01 — Halliday Gets the Graveyard Shift
Chapter 02 — The Golden Juggernaut
Chapter 03 — DerVinter’s Bequest
Chapter 04 — The Crux Ansata
Chapter 05 — The Magi of Ashbury Terrace
Chapter 06 — The Official Incident
Chapter 07 — The Dæmon & The Diphthong
Chapter 08 — Graveyard Dust
Chapter 09 — Downtown With Wilshire
Chapter 10 — The Hideaway
Chapter 11 — Banquet Night
Chapter 12 — The Grand Ritual
Chapter 13 — The Watchtower of the West/ Epilogue — Bleeberman Ever After
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